Too much information but not well informed ? 

  • Are you navigating in a field of activity in which you need to not miss anything and to have a vision ?
  • You never have time to follow the latest innovations in your sector ?
  • Your usual monitoring tools are complex to configure and leave little room for foresight ? 
  • Do you need to better understand a market for a new client or to share information that will help you stand out to your community or your employees?

Hire an information explorer robot in your company !

Flint Business is a new kind of business resource powered by artificial intelligence.

Flint Business offers a personalized selection of qualified and diversified information sources to help you become a visionary in your field of activity.

Our robots work for you and send you their selection in the form of newsletters or feeds to be integrated into your usual tools.


Flint adapts to your employees' level of expertise and field of activity


Flint does not require any configuration or keyword lists


Flint replaces 4 hours of human standby time


Flint favors diversity of sources and viewpoints


Flint focuses on quality and useful content

 They are more efficient and visionary with Flint

Philippe Roussière

Bruno Frindlansky

Innovation Services Lead, 

Accenture Research

Best-seller author of : "Mastering LinkedIn"

"Less than six months into a trial at more than 20 sites around the world, our researchers and experts have told us that Flint PDAs have boosted their information intelligence productivity by accelerating access to highly specialized information".

"My Flint bots select information for me that I wouldn't find anywhere else to fuel my LinkedIn conversation topics and increase my visibility."

Robots and humans, hand in hand



Lilo has been trained by the director of Afpols, a training organization for social housing actors.

Every day, the robot proposes a selection of articles on the subject.

He has built up a loyal following of 1300 subscribers who open this selection every day.

Lilo has become a key character in AFPOLS' communication. The organization has had a life-size statue of Lilo made.

And during the last HLM fair in Paris, people could take selfies with him... and leave their email address to receive the newsletter.

The banking group (Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Epargne...) needed to make its managers aware of the digital transformation. So it had three of its regional managers train a robot. 

Violette (that's her name) is now followed by 2000 internal subscribers. 

Its click rate (i.e. the number of people who receive its newsletter and who have at least clicked on a link to an article) is 17%. 

When the DATA department was created within the group, Violette was quickly joined by Yodata, which offers employees a selection of quality information to keep them on the lookout for this rapidly changing market.

How does it work?

Flint relies on 3 intelligences: artificial, collective and individual (yours!)

→ To build its intelligent engine, Flint analyzed for more than 7 years the behavior of a panel of 20,000 experts sorted and indexed manually on several million information contents.

→ The psycho-sociological and semantic models developed by Flint allow it to predict and select quality and inspiring information content. 

The ones you need to understand the evolution of your industry and make the right decisions

They trust us

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