The robot info explorer that sends you personalized letters.

Built on artificial and human intelligence, Flint gives you more relevant access to information.

Flint helps more than 18,000 humans!

Blow your information bubble,
and better understand the issues around you.

Save time,
let Flint looking for you.

Become a pioneer,

educate artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

Flint is the meeting of 3 intelligences

Your intelligence, to better understand you

Flint feeds on your choices to understand your interests, your readings. By clicking on a link, you indicate that you like this article. But if you were wrong, you can click on "I don't like it". You can also click on "I like". Do you want to go further? You can access his online training area!

Collective intelligence to find new angles

Flint is an artificial intelligence based on content shared by more than 20,000 experts verified by us on Twitter and by the collective education of the Flint community. 

Every day, more than 400 of our customers educate Flint and its fleet of robots to train their general knowledge. 

Artificial intelligence to sort and analyze without tiring you

Obviously, Flint is based on this famous artificial intelligence. When you like an item, Flint gives it a weight according to hundreds of criteria. Then he integrates it into a what looks like a mental map. It tries to make connections between millions of articles to understand what interests you. But beware, Flint has his own little character and he likes to surprise (that's also his role). You will therefore receive captivating content, nuggets and surprises. 

As our users say, it will allow you to find items that you would not otherwise have discovered!

Flint has also become a valued colleague of

Your vitaminized life with Flint.

Unlimited access to the training room

to go further with Flint and understand how artificial intelligence works.

Receive the best articles directly in your mailbox

Flint awakens your curiosity and facilitates your daily watch

Why use Flint?


Find (finally) original content to stand out (and shine at your next dinner party).


Discover relevant articles that you wouldn't have looked for yourself and let your creativity explode!

Don't waste any more time searching the web relentlessly and focus on missions with higher added value for you, thanks to your team of dedicated robots.


Never be afraid of missing essential information in your field again, your robot monitors the web for you.



Take your news monitoring to the next level with a new way of getting information without having to make any effort.

And who's in charge of Flint?

Benoît Raphaël

Chief Robot Officer

Benoît is an expert in digital and media innovation, journalist, blogger and entrepreneur. He is behind many community media such as Le Post or Lab d'Europe 1. He is now a robot breeder. With Flint, he wants to enable everyone to regain control of their information consumption.

Thomas Mahier

Chercheur en Flintologie

A graduate of  INSA Lyon, Thomas is an engineer specialising in big data and artificial intelligence. He worked for 5 years alongside researcher Jean Véronis, at the head of the Wikio Labs (E-Buzzing -Teads). A great defender of the "simple is beautiful", he conceived Flint's AI as a biotope.

Clémence Perrin 

Designeuse de robots

A graduate of the Maryse Eloy School of Art (Paris), Clémence is the artistic director. Designer of enchantment, she is at the origin of the educational series "Les Petits Aventuriers" on YouTube. At Flint, she models a universe of robots in 3D that puts people and poetry at the heart of technology.

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